Kara Kermen 2015


Red wine produced by the technology of appassimento.


Table red dry

Vintage - 2015

Alcohol - 15,0%


Region - Northern Black Sea Coast

Zone - Ochakov (Ochakovo-Prlimanskaya Macrozone)

Planting year - 2012

Geo coordinates 46.639708 N, 31.473416 E


Grones cut from the rod are hung in a special ventilated room for a while. In a few weeks, the grape loses moisture, but the content of sugar (and, as a result, alcohol), aromatic, coloring and phenolic substances increases proportionally. After crushing, the grapes are fermented in open vertical oak barrels.


In oak American barrels for more than 24 months.



The wine got its name from the name of the ancient building of Kara Kermen (which means "black fortress"), which stood on the territory of the modern city of Ochakov, near the Beykush winery.


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