Illusion 2018


Light red wine, made on the basis of pink Tempranillo in 2018, supplemented by 15% of red aged wines.



Red, table, dry. 

Vintage - 2018

Alcohol - 12%

Grape varieties: 85% Tempranillo and 15% Saperavi


Region - Northern Black Sea Coast

Zone - Ochakov (Ochakovo-Prlimanskaya Macrozone)

Planting year - 2012

Geo coordinates 46.639708 N, 31.473416 E


Rose wine fermentation took place separately in stainless steel tanks. Then aged red wines were added to it

11% of Saperavi harvest in 2017, aged in oak barrels, and 4% of our famous wine from withered Kara Kermen grapes in 2016, aged 2 years in American oak barrels.


Rose wine - 9 months on fine lees in stainless steel tanks

Saperavi - 12 months in American oak barrel

Kara Kermen (blend of faded Saperavi and Tempranillo) - 24 months in American oak barrels


Illusion - is the result of the research part of our work, both in the vineyard and in the winery. 

Also, during vinification, we use a number of innovative techniques, but “publish” only those that gave a good result.

This wine we called Illusion, because de facto, in all respects, you drink rosé wine, but it creates a complete illusion of red.

Our recommends


In addition to typical gastronomic combinations for red wine, “Illusion” can be drunk as an aperitif from a large cocktail glass, adding 5-6 ice cubes there (albeit with other wines, this is not worth repeating!).

And our answer to the Verona syringe-aperol, mojito or caipirinhas can become such a cocktail (our enologist-consultant has peeped over the recipe in Piedmont):
= 2 teaspoons of sugar
= 2 limes, cut in half, and then each half into 4 pieces;
= bottle of "Illusions"
Preparation: pour sugar into a large glass, dice the sliced ​​lime, lightly press down with a spoon or bartender, add 4-5 ice cubes and add a glass with cooled “Illusion”. And voila, your Kaipullusion cocktail is ready!

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