Fantasy Albariño 2018


Wine from a white grape variety Albariño, 2018 vintage.

You know for sure how much we love experiments, but when they turn out to be successful, we look forward to it.


One of the first experiments was the planting of the Albariño variety in our region, which was still unknown on Ukrainian soil. The growth area of this variety is the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, as it loves salt water and sea breeze. Thinking a while, we decided that Cape Beykush on the Black Sea coast, where our vineyards are located, would be a great place to plant this variety. The experiment was successful, and we are pleased to present for the third time a new release of "Ukrainian" Albariño.

The 'Fantasy Albariño'  wine of the 2018 crop is 100% Albariño grown at Cape Beykush. The hand-picked grapes are softly pressed. After that, the resulting wort is carefully vinified on the principle of less oxygen, more steel and cold. After 9 months on the sludge, which gives the wine body (which means density and viscosity of the liquid) and provides further protection against oxidation, the Albariño grapes finally "hit the bottle" and hopefully will hit your table very soon.


Fantasy Albariño

Table, dry, white

Vintage - 2018

Alcohol - 13,5%

Grape: 100% Albarino

Wine yard

Region - Northern Black Sea Coast

Zone - Ochakov (Ochakovo-Prlimanskaya Macrozone)

Planting year - 2012

Geo coordinates 46.639708 N, 31.473416 E


Hand picking grapes. Vinification was carried out in stainless steel tanks.


12 months


Fantasy — is the result of the research part of our work, both in the vineyard and in the winery. This series of wines includes wines from varieties not typical for our area. In a separate section, we examine how they adapt to the conditions of the Ukrainian climate. Also, during vinification, we use a number of innovative techniques, but “publish” only those that gave a good result.

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