Beykush Chardonnay-Riesling 2014


Blend of Chardonnay and Riesling from the vineyards of Cape Beykush, fermented and aged 18 months in barrels from French oak.

Beykush Chardonnay-Riesling




Beykush Chardonnay-Riesling, table, dry.


vintage 2014 - 12.5 %

vintage 2017 - 13.5%

Grapes: 50% Chardonnay, 50% Riesling




Region - Northern Black Sea Coast

Zone - Ochakov (Ochakovo-Prilimansky macrozone)

Year of landing - 2014

Geo coordinates 46.639708 N, 31.473416 E




Fermentation in barrels of French oak




In barrels from french oak, 18 months


The name of the wine

The series of the title wines of the winery named after the bay, where the vineyards and the wineries are located, is intended to reflect the most interesting part of our work - experiments. In this series you can find both monosorted wines from unusual or rare varieties or especially lavish crops from traditional varieties, and unexpectedly interesting crochettes from two, maximum of three varieties, where the character of each of them is clearly traced and "sounds" in symphony with others.


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