Artania red Reserve 2015


Blend of Merlo, Saperavi and Tempranillo aged for at least 24 months. 



Artaya Reserve, red, dining room, dry

Vintage - 2015

Alcohol - 13%

Grape varieties: 56% Merlo, 32% dashed Saperavi and 12% dashed Tempranillo


Region - Northern Black Sea Coast

Zone - Ochakov (Ochakovo-Priliman macrozone)

Year of landing - 2012

Geo coordinates 46.639708 N, 31.473416 E



Fermentation in tanks made of stainless steel.




24 months in barrels of American and French oak.


The name of the fault

The legend says that Arthania was called the ancient country, which was located on the lands of the Northern Black Sea region. The wine from this series is made according to the principles of the French concept of "wine of the economy", when in one large ditch mixed wines from different varieties or plots belonging to the farm, in order to demonstrate rather the style of farming or the features of the area than the varietal characteristics of individual varieties in the cuvée.

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